Saturday, January 9, 2010

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This is my attempt to chronicle the day to day antics of the craziest family I know... my own. My name is Darick and I am an attorney. I live in Springfield Missouri with my wife and 4 children. My wife's name is Amanda and my Children are Harrison, age 4 Jackson age 3 and Bayta age 2 months. I began blogging in anticipation of Bayta's arrival in this world. It was a heck of a ride and I am a better, more humble man for it. If you would like to read about it please go to

Today, I am sick. After about a full month of passing some bug or another amongst the boys and our nursery school, I now have some green disgusting goop oozing from the corners of my left eye. It hurts when I swallow, and I am run down by a lack of sleep that is provided by a combination of baby noises through the night, work induced stress and my current illness. Today is January 09, 2010. I have been without a cable connection since Christmas 2009. Because we decided to save 10 dollars a month we bundled our cable TV and our phone with our internet so I have also had no phone and fuzzy TV since Christmas as well. I am a man on the edge.

I hope you enjoy our blog. I write because I have a lot to say, and sometimes I fell like my current job does not give me an opportunity to do what I was born to do... write. I also write because at this particular time in my life things seem to be going on so fast, if I blink I will miss Bayta's wedding and the boy’s eventual ride in a white Ford bronco through the streets of Springfield as news helicopters cover them from afar.

In 5 days I will be 36. Nothing prepared me for that and it also is freaking me out.

It is 7:51 PM and Amanda is putting the boys to bed. She reads to them and sings to them. They love it. They love her... they tolerate me. I just went down to our bathroom and wiped my eye clean for the 90th time today. It feels like my tear duct has been turned inside out. While I was purging my eyeball, Bayta started crying. I had to sterilize my hands... something I am well practiced at thanks to our time in the NICU... and go see what was going on with her. Amanda had wrapped her with a blanket in a way we call swaddling, but I am pretty sure just works because the child is wrapped so tight she can't breathe and thus can't cry. Her "Patsy" had fallen out and she was straining her head to pick it up, but without the use of her hands was having a difficult go of it. I placed it and she started chomping away. Two seconds later she spit it out two feet from where she was laying. I picked it up quickly and put it out before she woke up and realized she was in a straightjacket. Apparently it worked; because she quickly passed back out.... might have been the lack of oxygen from the swaddle... I didn’t check I had a blog to write.

For some reason this silly blog does not appear to have a built in spell check, so I guess I am gonna have to run everything through word before I post it. If you followed my last blog you know I did not spell check in an effort to keep things "organic". Several people commented that it smelled very organic.

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Please feel free to post any questions, comments or ideas that you have and I will try to stay on top of them.


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  1. Darick, you said in this post that there was "you, your wife and four children"...... last I counted there were only three. Is Amanda expecting agian?